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How to Do a Headstand in the Park!

The sister is working nights at the moment and was sleeping through the day today, so the boyfriend subbed in for the daily sisterhood fun. I took him to the park and taught him how to do a headstand. It was surprisingly successful! Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to do it yourself!


  1. Prepare by placing your head in interlaced fingers. Your hands should be prepared to support the back of your head while most of the actual weight will be on your fore-arms once you are in your headstand.
  2. Straighten your spine as much as possible, for some, straightening your spine completely and then slowly raising the legs using the strength of your abdomen is better for balance. This worked better for Sean and is shown in his photos at the bottom of the page. Others can straighten their spine at an angle from the neck and then kick up into a straight spine which is what I tend to do.
    Straightening your spine


  3.  Kick or raise the legs by synching the abdomen inward and balancing the weight onto your elbows. 

          Some pictures of the student’s attempts and eventual success

Ps. When you inevitably fall over in your first attempts, don’t forget to tuck in your head and roll!

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